MTLDA releases Joe Hertz Freedom Mix of debut single “We Got History”

July 9, 2021

London-based producer Joe Hertz drops his re-work of MTLDA‘s RnB/Pop number “We Got History”.

Boasting a reputation for fusing earworm RnB melodies with hyper-textural production in his work, it would be an understatement to say Joe Hertz had a musical upbringing. His father is the legendary DJ Pete Tong, and he was raised on a strict diet of hip-hop, jazz and soul, but also drum n bass, garage and dubstep. By the age of 15 he was DJing and making his own music, having been influenced early on in his musical career by Burial and managing to capture the emotive element in his productions from a young age.

Having recently been championed by leading fashion & culture publication Wonderland, remixing Swedish newcomer MTLDA was a natural match-up, as she herself was brought up in a musical family and involved with songwriting from an early age. The result is a hypnotic lo-fi house rework with sublime drops over a 4/4 beat showcasing MTLDAs brooding vocals throughout.

Listen here